Sunday, January 26, 2014

Survival Day at Yabun 2014

Today, the 26th of January is Survival Day. In some communities it's known as Invasion Day, while to the rest of the nation it is Australia Day. In Sydney, as a community, we have for many years recognised the 26th of January as Survival Day and each year there is a concert and festival called Yabun. Today, we headed off to the Festival and here are some of my images.

Heading to Yabun at Victoria Park
Great to see National Congress out and about. 

The Main stage at Yabun 
Plenty of space for a great concert

Walking around the stalls…. 

… lots of bargains ….

… some wallet tempters … 

… how do I resist … 
… a familiar face in the crowd … 
Heading home… our flags flying on the bridge. 
Guess who will be steppin' out in their very deadly shoes ...

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